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The Danish Art of Happiness



A feeling more than a word - the ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Relaxing with good food & drink, friends & family, and creating a sense of contentment and coziness.

Hygge Køkken

(Cozy Kitchen)


Chef Nicci Hutchins

Chef Nicci is inspired by classic and homestyle cooking. Her specialty is taking the commonplace and elevating it to something special to bring her clients joy.

Nicci spent more than 30 years in the worlds of fine art and interior design. She brings that experience to her cooking as owner of Hygge Køkken culinary arts, her catering and chef services company.  In Danish, "hygge" (pronounced “hoo-gah") encompasses all that is warm and cozy and homey. Nicci combines the homey and the elevated in a way that is unique.


Small Event Catering

Cocktail parties, cooking classes, club meetings, special events, and more.

Special Ørder Pastry and Desserts

Desserts for special occasions, holidays, treat bags, or just because!

Intimate and Special Øccasion Dinners

I will cook a menu of your choosing in your home AND clean up so you are free to enjoy.

Private ør Personal Chef

Meals cooked for you in your home or brought to you on a regular basis to fit your busy schedule.


"I have had the pleasure of going to two parties where the food was catered by Hygge Kokken. Both times the food was amazing! So tasty and the presentation is beautiful, and owner is great to work with!"

- Julie Kakazu


Cøntact Chef Nicci

Thank you! We'll get back with you soon.

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